General planning by acht+

acht+ gives its clients professional security and considerably relieves their burden at operative level. We assume overall responsibility for all relevant service providers, reduce error sources and identify untapped potential, also during the ongoing project. We also take it easy on the storage capacity of your smartphone - for there is only one number you need to gain a transparent insight into the status of your project.

   Optimal project control

   Considerable operative relief

   Reduction of liability risk

   Maximum transparency

As general planner, acht+ assumes extensive client and management duties, as well as the responsibility for all architectural and engineering services according to HOAI. We act as your central contact, select and coordinate specialist designers and other subcontractors, in accordance with the specified project goals. In this way, coordination activities are more efficient and information paths are shorter; multi-layered projects, in particular, benefit greatly from the streamlined planning processes, closer time schedule coordination and greater transparency.

“Dependable content; relieving the everyday burden; personally on the spot at all times.”

acht+ as the central contact for successful general planning.

Short paths between in-house specialist design engineers and reliable service providers are a trademark feature of general planning by acht+. Our customers are served by an expert and flexible contact partner, who coordinates the overall project and efficiently prepares the bases for your decision-making. In this regard, where required, our scope of services extends from conceptual advisory services, right up to the handover of keys; draft, approvals and construction design services go hand-in-hand with construction management on site. This facilitates smooth and friction-free management in all phases and provides an interdisciplinary viewpoint, thereby revealing the setscrews needed for continual optimisation.

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logo: achtplus Baumanagement plus Immobilienberatung